Just because you are so very cool.  Simply add the "All Creatures Of Our God And King" multitrack or backing track to your cart and use the code "ALLCREATURES" at checkout! That's it, free track, boom! P.S. Feel free to check out all the other tracks as well.    

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WHAT IS HYMNMULTITRACKS.COM? Hymnmultitracks.com is an always growing collection of multitracks and backing tracks from Reawaken Hymns. Hymn Multitracks are classic hymns in modern musical settings. Each track is a full band arrangement of a classic hymn designed to be easy to sing along with and play for small teams and solo worship leaders. Simplicity is key. Hymns can be difficult to play for modern worship teams and worship leaders, Hymn Multitracks and Reawaken Hymns aim to simplify so that hymns can be played and enjoyed by all level or worship leaders and teams.   WHAT ARE MULTITRACKS? Multitracks are a backing track for your worship service in which you can control  each individual instrument.   DO I NEED MULTITRACKS OR BACKING TRACKS? Multitracks include all audio stems for...

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